Front Desk & Billing

Highly integrated and seamlessly connected with ‘Referrals’ and ‘Orders’ modules The front desk and ward management module is seamlessly connected with billing, encounter and patient discharge modules guaranteeing full pledged security for all your transactions. It has rich user experience with features like IP&OP registration, register login and logout.

  • Adding new patients & visits
  • Searching existing patients
  • Quick Patient and Quick charge items search
  • Editing the patient details and recording visits
  • Adding referrals and Facilitating Price overrides
  • Adding, modifying and searching corporates
  • Adding and searching referring physician
  • Requisition form

Price override Provides the price adjusting facility for both corporate clients and referring physicians enabling discounts and commissions respectively.

Requisition form The feature enables the front desk executive to create an order form for lab technician.