Analytics/Decision Support System

MIS Dashboard

MIS Dashboard in HIMS provides an in-depth facility for analyzing business and clinical data, to describe, predict, and improve business performance and patient care. It acts as a decision support system for users to make informed choices rather than on intuition. HIMS assists in decision making by organizing complex data into meaningful information.

The key features of the analytics engine of Medinous are
  • The outputs will provide inferences that enable decision makers to make the right choice
  • Numerous criteria and parameters can be configured to generate statistical reports
  • Multiple criteria in different combinations will be available for a little more in-depth data mining
  • Drill down option will be available for the generated output that will further enable excavating further details
  • The breadth of the engine will include clinical, demographic, administrative as well as business information
Native Analytics

Provides an in-built search engine that filters data stored in the database (both clinical & administrative data) calculating numerous criteria and produces outputs to help understand medical trends and patterns.

Extended Analytics

This has been achieved by integrating market leading business analytics tools that can help generate different outputs, based on data store in the database, that aid in proper decision making.