Blood Bank

This module in the HIMS hospital Management Software is quite comprehensive in its nature, maintaining all information regarding the blood donation. The details about the donors and recipients are maintained. The module is linked to other modules in the software for wards and OT in the hospital, whereby, any and all blood requirement during surgeries etc. that happens in the hospital are known to the bank. Important information and parameters such as availability of blood, cross-matching between donor’s and recipient’s blood groups and blood transfusion reactions are recorded. Also, the interactions with other blood banks within a hospital or outside and delivery/receipts of blood bags between these banks or hospitals are recorded and maintained.

Main functions of Blood Bank module of Medinous Hospital Management Software :
  • Registration of Donors
  • Blood Donation
  • Need based request processing (Fresh Blood and Stored Blood)/cancellation
  • Returning of issued blood bags
  • Transfusion Details
  • Sterility Investigations and Discard Details
  • Inter Bank Transactions