Clinical Pathways & Order Sets

Clinical Pathways

Clinical Pathways is a comprehensive treatment care plan and a leap towards standardization of health care planning which is evidence based. The defined pathways could be linked to specific ICD diagnosis codes and applied to the patient encounter based on the diagnosis.

In HIMS, a pathway is a time line based care plan that prompts the user as to what action can be taken and when, for effective patient care. HIMS allows defining organization specific pathways and they could be provider specific also, if required.

A clinical pathway will have care components such as lab, radiology, physiotherapy etc., Medication orders, nursing interventions orders, referral for specialist consultation and procedural interventions. The mentioned care components of the pathway are added with specific time lines. The care components could also be conditional, involving clinical parameters of the patient such as vitals, results of laboratory investigations, medical observations like pain. HIMS also allows capturing variations in the patient care from the defined pathway, with reasons. This helps in analyzing the effectiveness and applicability of the pathways and to improve them.

Order Sets

HIMS offers order sets as a set of services which could be ordered in one go rather than individually. An order set can have services of different types such as laboratory, radiology, physiotherapy, procedure or treatments, medications, referrals for specialist consultations, nursing interventions etc.