Central Sterile Supply Department

CSSD or Central Sterile Supply Department is an important and crucial function of most of the mid-size and large hospitals. In certain countries, CSSD is even mandatory to meet with the government stipulations for hospital license etc. Items to be sterilized are received and stored by CSSD before they are sterilized and distributed to related departments such as wards, OPD, OT etc. Surgical tools and instruments, tools used for operation, syringes, catheters/tubes/other rubber goods, treatment sets etc. are sterilized by CSSD before and after use, wherever applicable.

Features :
  • CSSD module in our software helps users to have the inventory information of items that need to be sterilized, in the form of packs/sets or individual quantity, by keeping track of such items received/issued to departments like OT, Cath Lab, ICU,Emergency and Ward in a hospital
  • By tracking the in-out details of items, user gets ready info on items that need to be sterilized, items that are sterilized and items that are yet to be returned after sterilization etc
  • The records of cleaning, disinfection and sterilization are maintained by CSSD module of the software. This helps in finding and analyzing the effectiveness of these processes and practices
  • Hospital can easily implement Infection Control Policy using CSSD module in our hospital management software, which improves patient safety by enforcing and checking the controls necessary from time to time, to prevent cross infection
  • Certain items – packs, linen etc. – are exchanged between CSSD, ward and laundry of a hospital. This module in the software records these details and can be used for checking the used/returned quantity etc