Nursing module facilitates smooth flow of nursing activities in the hospital. Managing nursing tasks is a piece of cake using our tool. HIMS nursing module helps developing a care plan to improve quality of patient care. Flow of information from other clinical modules ensures the nursing staff is well aware about each patient, giving them access to necessary clinical details.

Salient features :
  • Patient Charting : A patient’s vital signs, admission and nursing assessments and nursing notes can be entered into the system. These are the stored in a central repository and retrieved when needed.
  • Clinical Data Integration : Here clinical information from all the disciplines can be retrieved, viewed and analyzed by nursing staff.
  • Better care planning : Time spent on care planning is reduced, while the quality of what is recorded is improved. This makes for more complete care plans and more complete assessments and evaluations.
  • Drug administration : Electronically prescribed drugs are more legible, thus making it less likely that drugs would be wrongly administered to patients.