Reports – Pharmacy at your finger tips

The module offers ready and easy to use reports that enable speedy and effective management of your pharmacy. A wide range of reports such as sales return report, purchase order report, purchase order return report, inventory report along with batch report and batch inventory report are made available to the user.

  • Daily Visits Reports
  • Daily Expenses Report
  • Monthly Visits Report
  • Monthly Expenses Report
  • Daily Pending Collection Report
  • Purchase Order Report
  • Monthly Pending Collection Report
  • Inventory Reports

Efficient control and management of inventory, expenses, sales and purchases of drugs The batch inventory report helps the user to keep track of expiry dates of various drugs and thus facilitates efficient stock and inventory control. The module also offers product manufacture report, daily reports and monthly reports.

Reports on daily basis The daily reports constitute daily sales invoice, sales return and drug inventory reports. While the sales invoice and return reports help manage sales and purchases of drugs the inventory report helps maintain batch details, starting stock, and ending stock along with other relevant details that enable proper inventory management.

Reports on monthly basis Apart from monthly sales invoice, sales return and drug inventory reports the module more importantly provides expenses summary report that gives up-to-date drug expenditure record.