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In-House Nursing Care augmented with periodic Physician Services is an emerging need of the Senior Citizens towards Quality Healthcare

Concept of family physician has been the norm for several years and now it is branding of the hospitals with external standards maintained via accreditation services is becoming the normal.  This had created a void in the services that Senior Citizens need on daily basis at Home.  While a visit of Family Physician everyday or twice a week can’t be made possible in the changed trends where reputed doctors are consulted via only through appointments,  Bhishak’s HomeCare solution effectively bridges the gap.

Bhishak’s HomeCare is an effective solution created as a group of Medical Doctors, Nursing Team, Diagnostics powered by Bhishak’s HIMS with TeleMed* functionality.  Bhishak’s  Med Logistics solution too provide immediate hospitalization in case of emergencies.

Bhishak’s HomeCare  provides ability for NRIs to leave the Health Needs of the Nears & Dears with real-time reporting of their Loved Ones’ Health, Can monitor them via secured CCTV coverage, get the alerting of any emergency situation and also an voice to reach of the Nursing Assistant whose services were verified and quality monitored for.  

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