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Hospital Sanitation Standards are emerging each day like NABH, NABL, LaQshya, KayaKalp etc making sanitation a mandatory criteria in preventing post surgery infections and hospital facility transmitted diseases

Hospital Branding has been playing an important role in the minds of patients while picking up a Quality Health Care Facility.  To adjudge a facility as best, different quality standards with a lot of commonality in service monitoring related to Sanitation, Security and Pest & Rodent Control are emerging.  Reducing the duplicity and monitoring these services at the required frequency by competent authority is the technological platform provided by Bhishak’s HSMS solution. 

Bhishak’s HSMS Solution is a service monitoring solution with an exhaustive questionnaire covering all the aspects of hospital service delivery, where hospital superintendents, medical officers or nursing superintendents provide their view on the quality of services in the form of scores.  These scorecards are dynamic or can be kept static so that services can be measured  at the required frequency.

The data maintained is feed into Quality Assessments as summary data for Assessors to make required adjudgement.

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