Patient Centric Care:
In all the encounters a patient makes – to fulfil the information needs of the care givers, interactions should be made very smooth.  Also information provided once should be made available for future use through integrated systems without duplicating the work.  Also medical reports, pharmacy reports, treatment reports along with patient discharge summary require to be made digitally available for Patient to review any time in the future. 
Security of the Systems:  

Patient health information  is highly sensitive piece of information;  Making easily not available especially in the emergency situations doesn’t solve the purpose of providing an immediate care based on past history.  Hence, while maintaining balance between security and making it available for care givers with ease is the indication of an efficient health management.

Time Management: 

Time is not just wealth and Health too.  A quality care to be provided to Patient during golden hours of emergency situation based on the patient past history requires systems to be built to easy access of the data in time with right level of access.  Also time should be saved in all the encounters of patients, doctors, various departments of hospitals, insurance teams etc while interacting with the system with minimal data entry.  This can be achieved only when an efficient health system is implemented. 


While creating an Electronic Health Record is one part of the game, it should be made interoperable with all external entities like other care providers, insurance, government etc.  There is an emerging trend in standardizing the health care within the country and outside the country to create systems that universally transfer and accept health records across the health eco system.  An efficient health system gets built on a flexible architecture that gets resilient to these future changes.

Business Analytics: 

An efficient health system provides business analytics that help – preventive health care for patients with certain symptoms, provides suggestions based on probable issues to the Doctors,  Health and Diet Tips based on Vitals details etc.  For management, analytics help in managing the hospital with optimum resources,  provides a view on their particular customer profile that is contributing for the business so that while his/her experience with the facility can be greatly focused, other groups can be brought into scope with specially made programs.