Till Date Hospital Management has been in the hands of professionals only for major hospitals with 50 beds and above.   Health Facilities below 50 Beds are managed by in-house staff with their primitive means and ways.   When it comes to Clinics and Polyclinics, its operational management is completely managed by the in-house doctors supported by staff. 

A professionally managed Health Facility is one that is supported by Hospital Managers with right tools and processes that comply to the Government standards.   It was an old notion that Best Hospitals/ Clinics get built by Best Doctors.  Currently, while this belief is still valid, other factors also are getting augmented to adjudge a facility the best. 

Factors that are contributing in improving the brand value of health facility are:

Team of Doctors:
While expert of a specific specialization may still be a big draw for OPD, for addressing complicated inter-disciplinary issues, a best team of doctors is becoming the factor for patients to chose a particular health provider.
Professional Maintenance:  

Brand value gets created when the services of the facilities are standardised and made person independent.  Standardization requires Hospital Management Experts manage the daily operations efficiently and effectively while Clinical Experts manage the Clinical Delivery to the satisfaction of the patients.

Hospital Information Management Systems:  

A full fledged Hospital Information Management System (HIMS) that integrates all the different delivery functions of the Hospital not just helps the teams with required information at right time,  but also drives the work groups towards patient satisfaction at every level.  Also HIMS System needs to be patient centric with each touch point on their association from we search to beyond their exit of the hospital premises.

External accreditation:  

External accreditation of services from NABL and NABH is becoming the key differentiator for the patients to choose from the best. 

Patient Centric Digitization:  

Digitization is touching every industry with patient centricity.  Ability to choose best hospital and best clinician makes all Health Providers to keep their web presence latest and relevant for the patients to choose them.  Appointment booking to thank you message at the end of the visit to be in the digital format.  Also maintaining electronic health record of the patient with right security is the key for the health providers to create differentiation. 

NDHM Standards: 

All these years, health providers have been working in silos or in their franchised hospitals sharing the information just among them.  But the future is towards portability of health information between different health providers (Hospitals, Clinics, Diagnostics Centres, Pharmacies etc) with the consent of the patient at the point of care.  While it is still a long way to achieve this goal, reformation started in the sector with standardizing the registries, creating unique Health ID, standardizing data interoperability etc. 

Neumeric Technologies with our board comprising experts from Health Industry, keenly understands the latest trends across the world and enhances its portfolio accordingly.  Also it provides management consultancy for health facilities to upgrade themselves to be relevant in the industry.  Please reach out to us with a query/ problem and we would provide you a best of the solution.